• David Crespo

    David Crespo

  • Erika Alpern

    Erika Alpern

    CEO & Founder of Tactile. Previously VP of Marketing at The New Republic. Spent time at The Guardian and NewsCred. Ran an artist program for AOL. Made some art.

  • Fateh Singh

    Fateh Singh

  • Sylvester Connor

    Sylvester Connor

    http://ConnorPost.com — The best conservative, nationalist & populist news link aggregator for the Western World

  • Bruce Knapik

    Bruce Knapik

    Forensics/Security Analyst at Epic Games. Father of a real number of children. Husband of an integer number of wives. I don’t actually like math

  • RBlanchard


    Christian, husband, father, educator, traveler in this world, and soccer lover. Matt 5:16

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